Become An Author

At Verly we are always looking for amazing video authors. If you are a professional videographer, or you simply take amazing vertical video, we would love to work with you.

Now, we understand that being a good vertical video author does not make you a great advertiser, but we are here to help. Once you have uploaded a vertical video and it has passed the approval process, Verly will reach out to agencies on your behalf and advertise your video clips to help drive your sales skyward. 

How does it work

Basic Terms

Earn 65% on each sale

Once someone clicks to purchase a license for one of your video clips through the vertical video marketplace, their payment will be processed and Verly will collect a 35% commission. This commission is how we are able to cover the advertising, brokering, and other services that keep the marketplace running. The other 65% is yours to keep. 

Item Approval Proccess

To reach the vertical video marketplace, your video must first go through an approval process. If it meets all of the requirements, it will be added. If not, a Verly representative will contact you and help you resolve the pending concerns. Once your changes are approved, your video will be back on track toward the marketplace.

A Non-Exclusive Contract

Verly has zero exclusivity restrictions, so you will be able to collaborate with others, or use the vertical videos that you upload to our marketplace anywhere else you would like.

Simple Royalty Free License

You will always remain the owner of the videos that you have uploaded to our marketplace, and any of your clips purchased through Verly will be licensed by you to buyers through our Standard Licensing Agreements

Set your own prices

As a contributor to our marketplace, you will have the freedom to set the sale price for each of the vertical videos that you upload. This way, you will always be satisfied with your earnings.

Payment Schedule

You will receive your earnings on the 10th day of the following month.
Verly sends out funds on the same date, each month, so you never have to wonder when you will be paid.

If you’re ready to become a vertical video author, let’s set up your account, and get started!


We'll transfer your earnings to this paypal account every month.

  • Remember, as an Author, you are also bound by our Privacy Policy and the Terms & Conditions for Verly Vertical Video Marketplace. Read both carefully and make sure you stay up to date with the latest changes when they occur.
  • And, of course, make sure that you familiarize yourself with both the Single-Use License and the Multi-Use License that you are granting the Buyers.